How to style and conduct yourself for an Asian wedding


As a non-Asian attendee of a big fat Asian wedding, sometimes it can be a little daunting. If your close ones aren’t able to assist you in how to approach the wedding day, don’t worry! I’ll cover all the basics for you. The best thing to do is try to narrow down what region someone […]

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Wedding Par-Tea!


As we sip our cuppa chai in celebration of National Afternoon Tea Week, we wanted to dedicate a special blog to you and talk about how far tea has come along and how it’s incorporated into weddings with high tea, afternoon tea and now Indian high tea! The trend for Indian afternoon tea has caught […]

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Your Guide to Attending a Pakistani Wedding


A wedding is the happiest occasion in any culture, filled with joy and celebrations of a wonderful union. As a Pakistani wedding caterer we know that the weddings are a vibrant, colourful and extravagant occasion, typically made up of a vast number of events occurring over a few days. The wedding celebrations can last on […]

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